FrameQFX for macOS

FrameQFXi for iOS

Pro video effects in an affordable, powerful app.


Available now, FrameQFX and FrameQFXi, exciting new video effects apps for macOS Sierra and iOS respectively, combine pro level video effects technology with unique ease of use. FrameQFX contains over 50 builtin video effects. Adjust effect controls to tweak the look you're after. FrameQFX is a very powerful, but easy to use pro video effects application.



FrameQFX key features
Full playback transport controls and display of all video effects in real-time.
Over 50 builtin video effects.
Instantly view effects by selecting from the table.
No pre-rendering required to view effects. FrameQFX uses a unique combination of macOS and iOS core technologies to provide instant rendering and display of video effects.
Full screen display with all transport and video effect controls displayed.
Full export of all effects.